Powered by data & intent

Scout leverages powerful intent data to deliver personalised and meaningful product recommendations that are based on actual shopping behaviour

Visual search Discovery

By extracting the visual fingerprint of an image on a page, Scout can identify an identical and similar product offer at a better price.

Constantly Learning

Scouts product recommendation engine never stops learning. By combining multiple data sources from across the web with explicit consumer preferences, every recommendation Scout makes is smarter than the last.

And more...

Always With You

Since scout is a plugin browser, there is no action requiered from you. We will notify you.

Saving you Money

Not sure if your getting a good deal? No need to worry. Scout automaticlly compares the price of the deal your looking at and will find you a better deal ...

Millions of deals

Scout has sourced millions of deals from across the world. We have done all the running around for you, to make sure you get the absolute best deal for any product & service.